About Us

Our Heritage

The Lenium Co. Ltd. was founded in April 2019 by Alloyce Brian Ochieng' in a bid to curb the existence of black outs and reduce air-pollution in his home country through the use of solar energy.

The company seeks to provide sufficient technological and development resources necessary in providing clean affordable energy.

We also pride ourselves in undertaking projects that provide economic value to our communities.

Our Objectives
  1. 1. Offest energy costs by 100%
  2. 2. Promote sustainable community development
  3. 3. Encourage the digital revolution
  4. 4. Provide clean affordable energy
  5. 5. Improve the livelihood of our society

~Maximizing the production of solar energy for efficient consumption in economic projects.

Our Mission

Our company's mission is to significantly reduce the green house effects from traditional fuels by providing renewable energy solutions to the world's increasing energy demands.

Our Vision

The Lenium Co. Ltd. visions itself as a leading energy-tech solution provider for individuals, communities and industries around the world by enhancing international cooperation to provide clean energy technology and research facilities

Our Values
  • Professionalism - We are commited to providing world class services and products.
  • Integrity - Loyalty and accountability to our stakeholders and clients.
  • Innovation - Research and development on the delivery of our products and services is a top priority.
  • Team work - Through our able partners, the company is dedicated to quality results.

We provide Solar Solutions and Energy Investments through our projects.

Please tell us about your idea and how you want it to be

Please contact us for more inquires.


First Step

Contact The Lenium Co. Ltd. to schedule a site visit or survey.


Second Step

Get an accurate and efficient sizing and system design

NB: Sizing is important to ensure the system fits the client's energy needs

Third Step

Actual installation by our engineers and technicians.


Final Step

The installed system is texted to ensure efficiency and functionality. The system can also be commissioned on request.