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Site Survey

Our qualified surveyors will conduct a site visit to investigate the feasibility of the location of installation and advise on the necessary recommendations to consider when designing and actual installation.

Sizing and Installation

In order to safisfy our clients's specific needs, the company sizes the Solar System and obtains necessary equipment and appliances in preparation for the actual installation. T.L.C is a proficient Solar System Installer qualified in providing off-grid, on-grid and hybrid Solar Systems for both residential and commercial purposes.

System Maintainence and Repair

Our Solar Modules are warrantied up to 20 years and incase of any system ineffectiveness, our technical team is available to fix the issue ASAP.

We provide Solar Solutions and Energy Investments through our projects.

Investment in Details

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  • Learn more about different types of installation

    The Lenium Co. Ltd. deals with three types of installation;

    Off-grid Installation

    This type is common in rural and semi-urban area where the system is totally dependent on solar energy(no grid support). Usually accompanied by battery storage.

    On-Grid Installation

    These systems are backed by grid utility. In that, the system is connected and can draw energy from the national grid.

    Hyrbrid Installation

    A combination of both off-grid and on-grid techniques in providing adequate energy. Common for heavy commercial purposes.

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  • Read more on the benefits of Solar Energy

    Solar Energy is clean, emissions-free, and a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas,solar doesn't release greenhouse gas emissions—like carbon dioxide which pollutes our water and air.

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  • How to efficiently utilize solar energy

    The main objective is to offest energy costs incurred by our clients. The surplus energy can be put into a wide range of economic opportunies such as charging stations, farming and security

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